[mythtv-users] ATI remote with FC2 / mythtv 0.16 after Jarod's guide

David George david at thegeorges.us
Sun Oct 17 01:13:22 UTC 2004

Mercury Morris wrote:

>Thanks for pointing out what I should have found by
>trying a   locate ati_remote !!  I just didn't think that
>the ATI remote would merit inclusion in the kernel.
>Thanks for all the instructions and for the patch.
>I downloaded the patch from where it was attached
>to the mail in Gmail.  But I can't read it.  It appears to
>be a binary file when I try using   less   on it.
Gmail must have butchered it.  I just looked and it is a text/plain 

>I get the feeling that the fact that I can't read it is probably
>like my not thinking to use locate for the built-in support.
>But, just in case it's a Gmail quirk, you might want to
>consider an alternate/backup method for making the patch
You can download it from my website 
http://thegeorges.us/mythtv/ati_2681.patch .

>I do understand how to make the replacement module,
>it's just that it seems reasonable that I should be able to 
>read the patch before applying it.

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