[mythtv-users] make a copy of .nuv as .mpg

Mark Cooke mpc at jts.homeip.net
Sat Oct 16 17:09:47 UTC 2004

Hi Matt,

It is due to the way shell expansion works.  Your command essentially
becomes 'cp file1 file2 file3 file4 file5 etc etc'.

cp is just complaining that the last item on the line isn't a directory.
You want something closer to:

cd /storage/TV ; ls *nuv | sed -e s:\.nuv:: | xargs -i cp {}.nuv {}.mpg

This takes a list of all the nuv files, cuts off the .nuv extension,
then for each file, copies file.nuv to file.mpg

All the best,


On Sat, 2004-10-16 at 17:47, Matt Hannan wrote:
> OK, I am starting to freak out.
> I have a PVR-350, so I want to copy my recorded shows (.nuv) to .mpg so 
> that I can watch the shows from a Windows client on the network.
> Sounds easy, right? Oh how I wish!
> I guess I am just being greedy, but I do not want to mv or rename the 
> files, I just want to make a new copy of them with the .mpg extension 
> and place them in an already Samba shared directory.
> I tried
> cp /storage/TV/recording/*.nuv /storage/Videos/*.mpg
> and I am getting this error message:
> cp: `/storage/Videos/*.mpg': specified destination directory does not exist
> But /storage/Videos DOES exist!!!
> I know that this has to be a wicked easy thing to do, but I am having a 
> really rough time of it...and I am even embarrassed to be asking the 
> question, as I have 3+ years experience with Linux.
> Is it the wildcard * that is screwing me up here?
> The ultimate goal is to drop the statement into a cron job and have it 
> execute in the early morning hours.
> I will then have the ability to watch/manage the recordings thru MythTV 
> (as .nuv files) or watch/manage them out on the network as .mpg.
> Please help.
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