[mythtv-users] newbie questions

pranab pranab at willers.employees.org
Sat Oct 16 15:22:33 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I have a few quick and naive questions before I delve into building myself a 
mythtv box.

If I pre-program a mythtv box to record something on a particular channel how 
does it switch channels on a cable reciever or a dish tv receiver ? Does this 
work for digital cable ?

To view the recorded files on my tv, do I need a tv tuner card with a TV-out 
(like the PVR-350) or are there other better (quality) options ?

Do I need more than one tv tuner card if I want watch something and record 
something else ? Is this even possible ? Do I need multiple cable receivers (or 
dish tv receivers) too ?

What about for sound ? The only thing I am familiar with is spliting the 
headphone output (using this cable I got from Radioshack) into the 
Red/White composite inputs to my receiver. Are there other better options 


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