[mythtv-users] Manual Scheduling/Recording

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 21:04:19 UTC 2004

On MythTV 0.16, using a PVR-350, I use Manual Scheduling
to record programs from a satellite receiver.  It works very well.

The only drawback to this arrangement is that for regularly
scheduled programs, say weekly, I have to enter a manually
scheduled recording every week.

Then I noticed this:

main -> Media Library -> Watch Recordings -> Right Arrow
(selects a recording) -> Right Arrow(again-popup menu) ->
Edit Recording Schedule -> Record in this time slot every week
-> [Save these settings] -> and finally exit.

But nothing shows up in Upcoming Recordings!

Does this not work?  Or in other words, is it possible
to get a Manually Scheduled Recording to repeat on a
regular basis?  In this case, weekly?

VCRs can do this.  Can MythTV?

I see from the archive that the answer is almost certainly, "No".


It just seems a bit inconsistent to allow the changes as outlined
above, and even display the changes various ways (Local, MythWeb),
but then not actually follow through with recording the program.

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