[mythtv-users] New User with a couple of questions

Jon Reynolds jonr at destar.net
Fri Oct 15 20:46:46 UTC 2004


I am wanting to setup a mythtv box and have some questions.

I understand the master backend server needs a little beef to it and I believe I
have that with a 1800+ and 512MB of RAM. I read that the frontend servers don't
need a HD, is that correct? How do I install the frontend software without the
HD, would I have to use a flash or something, or did I miss something?

What are the requirements for a frontend box as far as speed goes? I have a lot
of  movies that are mpeg-4 compression and I want smooth playback. I was looking
at the epia10K boards and read through the mailing list that this is basically a
pIII 500Mhz, is that correct?

When I pause live TV with my freevo box this is what happens. When I check the
channel guide from my service provider it takes forever for it to come up. I
think it takes as long to come up as I have buffered for live tv, does Myth have
this same problem?

If I were to put 4 pvr-350's into one box could I designate one pvr-350 for each
room, so that when user A in room A records it always records on pvr-350 #1.
User B in room B starts to record and it always records on pvr-350 #2, etc,etc.
Is that possible or is it always round-robin?

Thanks for any help,


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