[mythtv-users] S.O.S. : General h/w question

Tim t.tait at comcast.net
Fri Oct 15 18:36:42 UTC 2004

Michael T. Dean wrote:

> On 10/14/2004 05:21 PM, Maarten wrote:
>> On Thursday 14 October 2004 21:52, zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx wrote:
>>> yesterday, when I visited my local
>>> store, i decided to build the new box with a celeron, and my dealer 
>>> offered
>>> me a micro-atx mobo from PCchips (never heard that before).
>> Dude, PCchips is about the lowest of the lowest brand of boards.  
>> I've handled / bought them a few times and boy did I swear to never 
>> ever buy anything of that POS brand again.
>> It may be entirely unrelated, but be suspicious of PCchips...
>> Maarten
>> Oh, P.S.:  I'm definitely not agreeing with you about your VIA / SiS 
>> statement.  If anything it's the exact opposite, Sis has caused me no 
>> end of troubles.  IMHO and FYI.  
> And, of course, a Myth box really needs the top-of-the line 
> motherboards out there...
> I have a PCchips M848ALU (Athlon-based with SiS chipset) using a 
> PVR-350 and PVR-250 (nVidia TV out instead of PVR-350 TV out), and I 
> have to "reboot" my Dish network satellite receivers more than my Myth 
> box (have to reboot the sat receivers once a month--had to reboot my 
> Myth box after I lost power during Hurricane Jeanne).  I helped a 
> friend build a Myth box.  He has the same motherboard, but has 4 
> PVR-250MCE's and his system works like a charm, too.
> I'm not recommending PCchips (or any other brand, for that 
> matter)--just observing that it's often easier to blame the 
> motherboard than to blame the guy who installed/configured the system. ;)
> Mike

My experience with a PCChips Socket7 board was that it failed to boot at 
all one day, after about two weeks. They are known for poor build 
quality, poor support, and poor performance. But cheap. They used to 
build those 810 based "bookshelf" systems, which dropped like flies.


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