[mythtv-users] Re: high CPU for X and prebuffering pause

Henry Chin hoichin at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 15 05:05:41 UTC 2004

I got a new version of the sis_drv.o driver for the
SiS650.  Restarted X and found that the new driver
supports Xvideo extension.  However, I still get the
60% CPU load for X and the prebuffer pause message. 
Any other thoughts?

>>xdpyinfo | grep -i xv
>>if it's prints 'Xvideo' you have it.  However not
>>all drivers have good 
>>Xvideo support.
>>This guy wrote the driver, so take a look at his
>>webpage.  Maybe you can 
>>figure out a way to accelerate your card.
>>Henry Chin wrote:
>> How do I check if my video card has Xv extension?
>> I am using an Asus Pundit with built-in video
>>  It uses the SiS650 chip and the driver is "sis".
>> I installed on a Mandrake v10 (kernel 2.6.3) system
>> using Thac's RPM for the latest MythTV 0.16.  I
>> tried compiling MythTV from source and that did not
>> make a difference.  I'll check the archives for
>> is odd..." to see if this can help.
>> Regards,
>> HC.

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