[mythtv-users] Recording has audio, Mythfrontend doesn't play it

Greg Steckman steckman at alumni.caltech.edu
Fri Oct 15 02:53:44 UTC 2004


I played some of the recordings made by MythTV with xine, and the sound 
plays - it's there. But when playing them with Mythfrontend, there's no 
sound output. Same with live tv. I checked the mixer settings in 
mythfrontend, and they are ok (set from 70% to 90%, no change). Are 
there any other settings I need to check? On one of my systems, I tried 
MythMusic and I get sound output.

Here's my setup:

1. Backend version 0.16 on a Debian stable system (except for those 
packages required by MythTv) using the Debian packages. Using a PVR-250.
2. A frontend on a system with a mix of RedHat 9 and FedoraCore 
packages. Using MythTv 0.16 here too.
3. A 2nd frontend running Debian unstable, and the Debian 0.16 MythTV 

Both front-ends exhibit the same problem. I don't have sound drivers 
installed on my backend to test it there. Otherwise as far as I can tell 
sound is working on both systems (I can use xmms, MythMusic works, etc.) 
Also I don't see any other processes using /dev/dsp as far as I can tell 
(lsof /dev/dsp shows nothing, artsd is not running, etc.). I previously 
had 0.15 working, but since did a complete reinstall on my backend and 
upgrades on the two frontends. Any ideas what's going on?



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