[mythtv-users] S.O.S. : General h/w question

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Thu Oct 14 21:21:57 UTC 2004

On Thursday 14 October 2004 21:52, zardoz at zardoz.ath.cx wrote:
> folks,
> after tweaking myth since more than 12 month, and running on different h/w
> platforms, I am lost today. It all began with a epia me600, moved to a msi
> hermes, i decided to built a new system. (but maybe I should tell the tales
> in a different email ;-).
> All my previous systems had some kind of fan control, when the box booted,
> the cpu-fan was running @ full speed, but after a couple of seconds it
> slowed down to a more convinient level. yesterday, when I visited my local
> store, i decided to build the new box with a celeron, and my dealer offered
> me a micro-atx mobo from PCchips (never heard that before). It is build

Dude, PCchips is about the lowest of the lowest brand of boards.  I've 
handled / bought them a few times and boy did I swear to never ever buy 
anything of that POS brand again.

It may be entirely unrelated, but be suspicious of PCchips...


Oh, P.S.:  I'm definitely not agreeing with you about your VIA / SiS 
statement.  If anything it's the exact opposite, Sis has caused me no end of 
troubles.  IMHO and FYI. 

> using the SIS 650& 962L Chipset, so it was fine for me. (after having
> *LOTS* of trouble with VIA chipsets). the celeron and its fan was pre
> installed. funny though, the model is m935cg, but doesn't have any link/hit
> on their webpage. back to my problem. when I power on the box, the cpu fan
> (yes, with 3 wires) stays up at 5000rpm all the time. sounds like a drill.
> no matter if i go to the bios or boot  a operating system. if I stay in the
> bios (AMI), you can see the cpu temperature staying permanent at 28 degrees
> celsius while having 30 degrees ambient temperature. please tell me is this
> regular behaviour ? Do I have to use lm-sensors ? what am i doing wrong ?
> (since all my previous systems where doing it different)
> any/every suggestion welcome !
> thanks
> ---z


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