[mythtv-users] How does the frontend connect to a remote backend

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 14 19:05:16 UTC 2004

If mythtv uses only ethernet to push video from the backend to the 
frontend, what would one have to install to have a frontend to do this?  
For instance, do you only need to install the ATrpms packages mythtv and 
mythtvfrontend only?

Anthony Vito wrote:

> MythTV uses TCP/IP for backend to frontend connectivity. The
>application level protocol running over the link is of the home grown
>variety. Many features and commands have been added to the protocol
>since the project began. Multicast is not used, everyone establishes
>direct links with who they need to talk to. Multicast would be nice if
>you had multiple frontends that wanted to view the same content, at
>the same time. However, fast ethernet can support several frontends
>doing this without multicast, and with more flexiblity, so the
>cost/benefits just isn't there.
> I hope I got this right?.... someone else?
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