[mythtv-users] Video out question

Peter Buelow pete at putzin.net
Thu Oct 14 01:34:19 UTC 2004

I'm just putting together my first Myth box this week (and next week but gotta 
wait for the 350) and I have a question about video output.

Version 1 of this box has an ATI Radeon 9000 card, and next week will have a 
PVR-350. So, this setup is pretty easy and all in Jarod's guide and on this 
list. I have a dedicated monitor out with the 9000, and the 350 can output 
video to the TV. Not that big a deal. 

However, version 2, which is as soon as I can get a pcHDTV 3000 (when it goes 
on sale essentially) will be a combo box. Two inputs, two (one?) outputs, 
front and back end in one machine sitting next to my TV. I want to get a 
component converter and use the 9000 to do HD out to my TV. Then, have both 
encoders running and just switch TV inputs to get cable/OTA HD. So, the 
question is, do I have to do anything special to get this specific setup? 
Also, will the 9000 work for HD (I've seen a lot of Nvidia posts, but ATI is 
less reported on)? The latest ATI drivers seem to be pretty good with the 
card, and I have a pretty beefy system to handle the HD decode and stream, 
but what do I need to do to have both outputs working together? Or do I have 
to do anything? Essentially, I want both outputs to behave identically, the 
only diff being the broadcast coming through. And can I just use the 9000 for 
both types of output and never switch the TV input?

Sorry, there were a few questions in there. Anyone mirrored this type of 
setup? What's the easiest way to go here?



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