[mythtv-users] X Windows redisplay via ssh

Michael Fenston fenston-myth at san.rr.com
Wed Oct 13 00:21:59 EDT 2004

Thanks for the responses ... I actually wanted a PC Anywhere "like" 
connection to the mythbox so (1) below is the closest of the responses I 
was looking for. 

But anyway ... I found the following on my own if it helps anyone else out:

For those running Fedora Core 2 and want an easy way to position the 
mythfrontend GUI on their television set for the PVR-350 TVOUT (IE: the 
setup->appearance->screen settings->run the frontend in a window hack) 
you can do the following which I found accidentally by "pro-actively 
reading the myth users group mailing list" :)  ...

1) Go to System Tools->Desktop Sharing (this is just KDE Desktop 
Sharing) ... under Configure disable "Confirm uninvited" check "Allow 
uninvited" and set a password
2) Grab a copy of TightVNC for your PC (do a google search)

Using the TightVNC viewer (Fast Compression) gave good results.  This 
was really quick to setup ... very impressive!


Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

>On Sunday 10 October 2004 21:05, Michael Fenston wrote:
>>Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>3) Is is possible to merge my original xorg.conf and xorg350.conf
>>>files together so I can see the same output on both at the same
>>>time? My test TV is a little blurry so I would like to be able to
>>>continue debug with the monitor for awhile.  My plan is to really
>>>test this well before putting it out in the living room (again). 
>>>Ticked the wife off the first time around!  That is my advice to
>>>all after my SageTV experience.  Use the TIVO (or VCRs) until you
>>>have all the quirks worked out of whatever PC based PVR you
>>>eventually decide on! :)
>>>Possible, yet.  Stable, probably not.  Most of the time when
>>>running X on the PVR-350 framebuffer, having a video card driver
>>>installed causes significant instability.  I tried to debug that
>>>way, but found it caused too many problems, so I just hooked it to
>>>the TV (where I couldn't read a bunch of stuff), and used X Windows
>>>redisplay via ssh to work my way through the setup section.
>>Hello again ...
>>This message is directed toward Mike Dean but help from anyone on
>>this appreciated ...
>>I now have X Windows running on my small TV using the PVR-350 TVOUT
>>and would like to be able to redirect everything on that screen to my
>>laptop running WindowsXP somehow so the text is clear for debugging
>>and centering the picture on the TV.  I only have 1 machine (this
>>mythtv box) running linux at home so figured I could use my laptop
>>running Windows VNC or Windows SSH ... I found this program called
>>PuTTY for SSH.  Both these programs let me login to the mythtv box
>>and do something ... I can launch X applications with Windows VNC and
>>I can get a telnet like session going with PuTTY but I'm not sure how
>>to get stuff to go in the reverse direction ... IE: whatever is being
>>displayed on the TV getting moved to the laptop somehow.  Any help
>>appreciated ... is there a HOWTO somewhere on this?  Can someone fill
>>in the missing links on what to do here or a better approach?
>I'm not clear on what you want to do... do you want to: (1) have a 
>remote display mirror your TV (i.e., some display on a laptop showing 
>exactly what is simultaneously on your TV screen), or do you want (2) 
>to be able to run mythfrontend and have it show up on your laptop 
>instead of the TV?
>If (1), you need a VNC server on the Linux side that is capable of using 
>a 'live' X11 display.  Try this:  http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/
>If (2), you need to install Cygwin and set up an X server, as several 
>people have already indicated.
>Good luck,
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