[mythtv-users] Question -- Attempting MythTV Build with LFS

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Wed Oct 13 00:31:47 UTC 2004

The only PVR system which has DXR3 support is Freevo via FFMPEG.  Also 
Freevo is somewhat slower because it's written in Python vs compiled C++ 
for Myth.  The DXR3 support is buggy but it works and has the same 
drawback running non mpeg2 video through a PVR-350 does.  You have to 
transcode non-mpeg2 on the fly to mpeg2 which is pretty CPU intensive. 
The DXR3 guys also don't seem to be going anywhere fast due to a serious 
lack of documentation for the chip thanks to the crappy support from 
Sigma for open source.

Buy a cheapo Geforce 440MX card with TV-Out, newegg has them for about 
$30-40 for a generic AOpen.

As Jarod points out.  Dump the DXR, maybe route through the PVR350 for 
tv output.  The SB16 is OLD.  You can get a $20 card with better 
support, like for example a Crystal Family card or a cheapo Sound 
Blaster Live.  Keep the 10GB drive as your System and Boot drive if you 
must, but be warned it's probably on it's last legs and about to die. 
Get a 40GB drive for your boot, supported by your BIOS, and the biggest 
drive you can afford for your Video drive, turn it off in the BIOS and 
Linux will recognize it independently even if it's 200GB.  Put them on 
different IDE channels to get best performance and you're good to go :D

Also if you're planning on doing an LFS, and while I love the doc, it's 
so much easier to install minimal Fedora and then just get ATRPMS 
support and add only what you need.  ATRPMS is probably the best thing 
since sliced bread :D  Thanks Axel.

> On Tuesday 12 October 2004 16:30, Jim Gifford wrote:
>> Here is what I have hardware wise available.
>>    AMD Thunderbird 1.1 ghz
>>    768 MB RAM
>>    Hauppauge PVR-350
>>    Creative DRX-3
>>    Sound Blaster 16 PCI
>>    Wireless Network Adapter
>>    10 GB - Hard Drive 7200 RPM - For LFS/Mythtv Requirement

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