[mythtv-users] Re: Athlon processors was: HDTV on Myth -- not a "myth" CONCLUSION

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Wed Oct 13 00:04:33 UTC 2004

If you do recompile try the CFLAGS "-Os -march=athlon-xp" on both your 
kernel and your mythtv installation.  You'll find that in 
arch/i386/Makefile for the kernel and you just need to add the 
optimizations to the settings.pro file for mythtv.

That's what I use on all my linux and myth boxes and they seem to run 
just fine, though I'm not hardcore like you guys and have no HDTV.
There's anecdotal evidence on the linux-kernel mailing list that 
optimizing for cache usage improves performance system wide.

GCC Manual:

     Optimize for size. -Os enables all -O2 optimizations that do not 
typically increase code size. It also performs further optimizations 
designed to reduce code size.

     -Os disables the following optimization flags:

           -falign-functions  -falign-jumps  -falign-loops
           -falign-labels  -freorder-blocks
	  -freorder-blocks-and-partition -fprefetch-loop-arrays

Joe Barnhart wrote:

> I'm using KnoppMyth and I
> have not recompiled anything for processor type (yet),
> I'm just using the stock i686 debs for Linux and Myth
> (except I did recompile mythfrontend).
> Maybe I'll back up and just give it a go.  I'm not
> feeling enough pain yet... :-)

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