[mythtv-users] Re: mpeg2 playback performance issue makes no sense

Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
Tue Oct 12 20:03:12 UTC 2004

On Tue, Oct 12, 2004 at 03:49:16PM -0400, Joseph A. Caputo wrote:

> Grant's problem may not even be related to the OP's issue.
> Since he's using a laptop, it's entirely possible that there
> is no (or buggy) Xv support;

I don't believe that my laptop has Xv support when booted from
the Knoppmyth CD.

> laptop displays are notorious for these kinds of things.  
> Mplayer (& xine, I think) both support alternate output
> methods like SDL,

Xine and mplayer were both running under X.

> so it's possible that they might be OK where Myth wouldn't.
> The output of mythfrontend during playback might also be
> helpful...

I'll boot up Knoppmyth sometime and try to capture the output
when playing back a video.

Grant Edwards
grante at visi.com

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