[mythtv-users] Schedule Recoding from PVR-350 S-Video In

Blues Guy bluesguy at stny.rr.com
Tue Oct 12 01:27:43 UTC 2004

Mercury Morris wrote:

>This MythTV system is intended to replace a VCR that is connected exactly the 
>same way - coax + 4DTV.  The 4DTV receiver and VCR are programmed separately.
>I set the 4DTV to tune in 'The Wire' on HBO, and the VCR to record for about
>an hour at the same time HBO broadcasts 'The Wire'.  Worked well for years.
>The MythTV system is doing the job of the VCR, but doesn't select the 
>appropriate input from the PVR-350.  Surely, someone else may want to
>manually schedule recording from the PVR-350's S-Video/Composite video input.
Did you bind the 4DTV provider to the composite input in Mythsetup?  If 
so, it should select the composite input.

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