[mythtv-users] Schedule Recoding from PVR-350 S-Video In

Mercury Morris mercury.morris at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 18:23:49 UTC 2004

First, Thanks to Isaac Richards for MythTV and Thanks to Jarod Wilson
for Fedora HOWTO.
And of course, thanks to all the mailing list folks.  With help from
all of the above,
I have installed MythTV 0.16 and it works!  What fun!

I have a PVR-350 to which are connected 1) a coax from the roof
antenna, and 2) the
video and audio outputs from a 4DTV satellite receiver.  After
selecting Watch TV,
a simple tap of the 'c' key switches between the antenna and 4DTV. 
Scheduling from
the program guide works, as does manually scheduling.

What I'd like help with is making the 4DTV the default selection when Manually
Scheduling recordings.  Even though I select 4DTV to be the channel, the system
always records Channel 3 from the coax-roof antenna.  It's as if the system
needs to tap the 'c' key, just before it starts recording the manually scheduled

This MythTV system is intended to replace a VCR that is connected exactly the 
same way - coax + 4DTV.  The 4DTV receiver and VCR are programmed separately.
I set the 4DTV to tune in 'The Wire' on HBO, and the VCR to record for about
an hour at the same time HBO broadcasts 'The Wire'.  Worked well for years.

The MythTV system is doing the job of the VCR, but doesn't select the 
appropriate input from the PVR-350.  Surely, someone else may want to
manually schedule recording from the PVR-350's S-Video/Composite video input.

How can this be done?

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