[mythtv-users] DVD rip : Ripping the wrong audio track

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Tue Oct 12 00:40:03 UTC 2004

Brandon Beattie wrote:

>After trying for a few hours to get MythDVD to rip a DVD correctly I'm
>going to ask around to see if anyone else has some ideas.  I've ripped
>most of my DVD collection but there are a few DVD's that it always rips
>the wrong audio channel (ie, it saves the audio commentary track, not
>the normal audio track for the movie).  I've tried enable/disabling AC3,
>changing between various audio tracks on the DVD etc.  MPlayer
>plays/views the tracks correctly but transcode will never do anything
>except rip the commentary (ie, 50 first dates, finding nemo, are two
>examples).  I've poked around and can see the transcode command being
>logged is the same regardless of which audio track I select.  I'm
>running debian testing and the latest cvs and transcode availible.
>Thoughts, ideas?

I have had the same problem here. It happened when I tried to rip 
Hellboy. Always got the commentary track no matter what I tried in the 

- James

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