[mythtv-users] play mythtv recorded shows on a dsm-320?

Jason jasonml at iconimaging.net
Mon Oct 11 23:41:55 UTC 2004

I just picked up a DLINK DSM-320, which is basically an ARM based wireless 
(b/g) and ethernet (10/100) fanless box that connects to your tv and then
connects to all the machines it can find that use Upnp.  The box has a Sigma
Designs media chip that plays mpeg/1/2/4,Xvid stuff like the KISS dvd players

It's rumored that the arm cpu runs embedded linux but I havnt found 
confirmation of this yet, but the updates are cramfs I believe.

The DLINK software is just a Upnp server that you add folders to share with
movies,pictures,music and streams them wireless/wired to the tv.  It seems to
work pretty well for me over an 11g wireless connection.

So in theory if the linux box runs a Upnp server the DSM-320 will discover it
on the network and can make available the mythtv shows if they are mpeg2
or mpeg4/Xvid content and play them.  This makes a pretty nice quiet and 
easy to use box for a mythtv sudo frontend.

Down the road I guess the OS could be hacked to run a version of mythfrontend
if there's enough horsepower, but for now just playing the recorded movies and
mp3s through it would be an nice win.

Anyone else interested in trying to get one of these boxes talking with mythtv



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