[mythtv-users] best setup in my case

Albert Ulmer jayaeu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 11:06:47 UTC 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 11:31:37 -0400, Jim Coates <jcoates at jimcoates.com> wrote:
> Yes, this is one of the best things about mythtv.  Of course you'll need a
> capture card per frontent if everyone wants to view live tv.

OK, this raises new questions on how it all comes together. ;)

You see, I intend to run the following setup:

- master backend: old bt848 Hauppauge
- mixed front-/backend: Hauppauge Nexus DVB-s on a single-user 3-feed
(diseqc) dish
- mixed front-/backend: Hauppauge DVB-c 
- 2 frontends without any capture cards

Now, I understand that mythfilldatabase should only be run on the
master backend, where all information about the available capture
cards is centrally stored.

Will I be able to extract the EPG information from the DVB-s source
and feed it to the master backend for scheduling?

As you can see, I will have 3 capture sources. Although they use
different technology, they will have overlapping stations. This is
intended, so that frequently watched channels are available for live
viewing. I don't understand, however, how this will reflect in the
MythTV configuration. Will those channels be identified by their ID,
handle, station name or what?

I'm really eager to get it all working, so bear with me. ;)

Best regards,

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