[mythtv-users] Best approach for TV output?

Blammo [doh] blammo.doh at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 15:10:30 UTC 2004

I'm using a VGA-Componant card as well, the RCA VHDC-300. My TV is
native 1080i as well, and I have no problem getting 1080i from my
G-Force 5200U card.

However, from a CPU load, and interlace standpoint,. I'm running
960x540p, which I"m much happer with at the moment. At least until
there's more 1080i content.

On Thu, 23 Sep 2004 12:30:27 -0400, Spam Catcher <spamcatcher at rogers.com> wrote:
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> >Thanks all.  It looks like the best option for me would
> >be a vga - component converter box.  Does anyone
> >have one that that they are happy with and would
> >recommend?
>   I've been using this:
> https://www.digitalconnection.com/store/Product_Details.asp?ProductCode=9A60
>   For the last year or so.  It's a decent little box.  I've been happy with
> my purchase.  Beats the hell out of S-Video or composite.
> >Does it make much difference what vga output drives it
> >(what card, etc.)? While my TV is 1080i internally, I
> >think it will accept progressive inputs and convert them,
> >so I think I get to sidestep the interlace issue.
>    It matters from a driver perspective (or I could be talking out of my
> ass, feel free to correct me all).  For instance, with my Radeon 9000, I've
> rarely been able to get 1920x1080i working, and in fact, even when it did
> display properly, it ended up being more like 1660x940 or so.  But the
> modelines I'm using in my config are ones that others seem to have no
> trouble with so it could be just me.  Right now, because I'm not doing
> anything insane with the HTPC, I run at 720x480p, which for video, looks
> great.  I had 960x540p working, sort of, but it didn't look all that great.
> Ha.  1280x720P might be easy to do, but my TV doesn't support it, so I don't
> know.
>   I've heard that some people have no problem getting GForce cards to work
> ok at 1080i...but again, I use ATI in all my PC's, so I couldn't tell you
> for sure.
>    Keep in mind though, if you're going to play games, or anything like
> that, make sure to have modelines in your XFree config for any resolution
> they might decide to use.  I keep a 640x480, and 800x600 mode because some
> programs want to use those, and not my fancy-shmancy 720x480 resolution.
> Otherwise, the 9A60 will just shoot out whatever mode the PC sends out, and
> your TV will probably not like that one bit.  (and in fact, you could
> probably damage it)
>     Hope some of this helps.  (also hope I'm replying properly...I've not
> once been able to use this list properly, and I fully accept that it's me
> not doing things right)
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