[mythtv-users] RE: Help!!! Garbled Video

Thomas Lea thomas at lea.com
Sat Oct 9 16:43:47 UTC 2004


When was the last time you made any changes to the firmware or ivtv drivers
for your cards?

I think we can rule out a) and b) because it would be incredibly unlikely
for them to happen to both of us at the same time.

I think c) is unlikely since I have Time Warner cable.  Time Warner PVRs
have been in my area for a long time (and I cant think of how this would
cause the problem).

I have the "FreeStyle" version of the PVR-250.  I don't have Windows
application software for them, so I haven't tried that.

My 3 kids are young.  They keep telling me to pause a show or rewind it.
They don't understand why they have to actually _WAIT_ for their shows to
become available until I get this fixed.  It's funny how they just don't
understand how most of the rest of the world uses TV.


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On Saturday 09 October 2004 11:11, you wrote:
> Mike,
> I am experiencing the same thing and it started about the same time
> (shortly after I upgraded to 0.16).  My system has been running
> flawlessly for exactly one year and has been the only way my wife and 3
> kids can watch TV in my house (in other words, it's been heavily used).

Well, the weird thing is that I kept my old lfs install on another drive, 
rebooted back into it, and observed the same garbage!  It had been working 
for around a year.  I wasn't using 0.16 until I decided at somepoint to try 
upgrading to see if that would fix it.

I am beginning to seriously wonder if:

a) Somehow an ivtv driver fried my pvr250.
b) A power surge or some sort of line noise is interfering with it.
<tinfoil hat>
c) Since comcast recently started offering pvr's in my area, they are 
somehow crapping up signals that only their pvr's will unscramble :)
</tinfoil hat>

The only thing I have not tried is plugging the pvr250 into a windows box 
since I don't have a windows box.  Have you tried sticking one of your 
cards into a windows box and see if it works with the windows app that came 
with the card?  Just curious.

This really has me pulling out my hair, I grew accustomed to having my 
mythtv and don't like not having it!  Nor does my wife :)

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