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and anders at smiths.dk
Sat Oct 9 16:11:02 UTC 2004

I'll do that, but I have a supplementing question regarding the mysql 
database.....and accessing old recordings etc

All my programs where recorded in California and I now live in Denmark. 
When I moved here I had a problem that all the recorded shows 
disappeared  from Myth when I changed my location/timezone from 
US-westcoast to EU-Copenhagen. The only way to get tham back was when I 
reset the clock/timezone to US-westcoast.....

Now that I live and want to record here in Denmark (using the updated 
installation), I still want to watch the US recordings.... How do I do 
Can I just backup the database, reinstall everything and update some 
fields in the database as well as the location/timezone and have this 
work?... How do I do that?

Would I be better off to make a reinstall as you describe based on my 
RH9 install or should I go for a fresh FC2 install?



On Oct 9, 2004, at 2:49 PM, William wrote:

>> get to 0.16, but I'm scared of messing up and loosing all my
>> recordings
>> (kids programs for my daughter mostly and it  would be a real problem
>> if I lost that ....,-)
> What I would do is to backup your mysql database, uninstall your 
> existing
> myth install, do a apt-get upgrade, install the new .16, rerun 
> mythsetup
> without clearing the old settings (This will upgrade the schema to the
> latest) and go thru the various pages making sure you set the new 
> options
> the way you want. At that point you should be back up and running. If
> anything gets trashed you should be able to extract/restore that info 
> from
> the backup.
> Good luck.
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