[mythtv-users] upgrading howto

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sat Oct 9 12:49:24 UTC 2004

> get to 0.16, but I'm scared of messing up and loosing all my 
> recordings 
> (kids programs for my daughter mostly and it  would be a real problem 
> if I lost that ....,-)

What I would do is to backup your mysql database, uninstall your existing
myth install, do a apt-get upgrade, install the new .16, rerun mythsetup
without clearing the old settings (This will upgrade the schema to the
latest) and go thru the various pages making sure you set the new options
the way you want. At that point you should be back up and running. If
anything gets trashed you should be able to extract/restore that info from
the backup.

Good luck.

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