[mythtv-users] OT: Abit NF7-S v2 questions

Mark Wormgoor mark at wormgoor.com
Sat Oct 9 11:01:21 UTC 2004


> Also, this mobo sports SATA-150 connectors. I am not looking to do RAID 
> with it, but the chipset is Silicon Image Sil 3112A. My 120gig UDMA133 
> drive is starting to get a bit full, so I am thinking of moving all my 
> videos and MP3 collection to a 200gig SATA drive and point MythTV at it, 
> as well. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, my trepidation stems from a 
> buddy of mine pulling his hair out trying to get Linux installed on a 
> SATA system. Mandrake 10.1, just this past weekend, finally solved this 
> issue for him. Scratch another Windows user! Heh heh.
> Anyway, can anyone speak to the ease or difficulty in installing a SATA 
> drive in this system under FC2?

I am running FC1 on the AN7 mobo, which is about the same as the NF7-S. 
And yes, SATA is a complete disaster if you are using the BIOS for
RAID.  I did get it working, but installing it took me almost 2 weeks.

If you're not using the BIOS raid, the SATA controller is simply
supported and you will not have any troubles ;)

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