[mythtv-users] CPU power and decoding

Milos Prudek prudek at bvx.cz
Fri Oct 8 15:04:32 UTC 2004

>     Exactly... I'm currently working on trying to *underclock* my Dual 
> PIII-750 machine to try to make it quieter.

Very good approach. My goal is somewhat different, though.

>     I would suggest getting the cheapest bang/buck CPU... mythtv doesn't 
> need a lot unless software encoding or transcoding a lot.  Even with 
> transcoding, if you aren't having it do much, does you really care if it 
> gets done transcoding at 2:00am vs 6:00am from a show recorded at midnight?

Well I will use the PC/CPU not only for Myth, but two users will also 
access it remotely via X Window and run Mozilla, Gimp, Kmail, OpenOffice.

 From what I gathered so far in this discussion, I suppose that:

with Pinnacle PCTV Pro (no mpeg), and when watching live TV with instant 
replay - commercial skipping active, about 1,5 GHz of CPU might be consumed.

OTOH with Hauppauge PVR-250 in the same situation, the CPU impact would 
be negligible (considering an Athlon 2500-3000 MHz class system).

Am I right?

Milos Prudek
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