[mythtv-users] CPU power and decoding

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Fri Oct 8 11:33:12 UTC 2004

> Commflagging takes up about 15% CPU. To put it blunty, pretty much any CPU 
> you can buy today is vastly overpowered for Myth related activities. You only 
> ever need CPU horsepower of this magnitude if you're software encoding 
> multiple streams to MPEG4 or playing back HDTV.
> You only really need the CPU power for [en|trans]coding movies or music, or 
> for fullscreen goom.
> Save the money on CPU and sink it into more hard drives or tuner cards. 
 	Exactly... I'm currently working on trying to *underclock* my Dual 
PIII-750 machine to try to make it quieter.

 	I would suggest getting the cheapest bang/buck CPU... mythtv 
doesn't need a lot unless software encoding or transcoding a lot.  Even 
with transcoding, if you aren't having it do much, does you really care if 
it gets done transcoding at 2:00am vs 6:00am from a show recorded at 


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