[mythtv-users] Channels that don't broadcast all the time; DVB-T radio channels.

Rob Willett rob.mythtv at robertwillett.com
Fri Oct 8 14:12:59 UTC 2004


I never found a solution to this. 

The only kludge I cam up with was a crontab entry that modified the database
depending on the time of day. Ugly, naff and crap and abandoned as the shite
idea it was. 

I think the problem is that MythTV assumes too much, i.e. a station is available
and it has a video PID. One of my main reasons for going to Freeview was the BBC
Radio 7, MythTV is not the best answer to the radio problem. I'm currently
checking out Showshifter as the support for Radio is far better.

all the best,


Quoting Greg <mythtv at kobeyu.co.uk>:

> Hi, 
> I've more or less got a working MythTV box (subject to testing), running with
> a Hauppauge Dec-2000T over USB.
> I'm in the UK, and on Freeview, there are some channels that don't broadcast
> all the time (BBC Three and Four, abc1, CBBC/CBeebies etc.). When they're 
> broadcasting it all works fine, but when they're not and you try and tune to
> them with mythfrontend, the frontend times out after trying for 15 seconds 
> and drops back to the menu, without giving you chance to change the channel.
> This leaves you stuck on a channel.
> Is there a way to change the channel without getting any data first? 
> Is there a more elegant solution to this problem?
> Almost unrelatedly, there are also several Radio channels I could pick up 
> (just an Audio ID, no Video ID), but myth doesn't seem to like not having any
> video, so tuning to these channels has much the same effect as above.
> Am I missing something?
> I can get verbose outputs later (at work now), but they're mostly along the 
> lines of "Warning: Got no data from card in 1 second" or "No data for 15 
> seconds, Game Over."
> Thanks,
> Greg Manning.

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