[mythtv-users] Channels that don't broadcast all the time; DVB-T radio channels.

George Styles george at ripnet.co.uk
Fri Oct 8 14:58:07 UTC 2004

I just put some dummy video pids in (from other channels on the same mux). 
This gives recordings with the audio from R7 etc, but the pictures from the 
other channel.

I remove this pictures when I archive to mp3


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> Greg,
> I never found a solution to this.
> The only kludge I cam up with was a crontab entry that modified the 
> database
> depending on the time of day. Ugly, naff and crap and abandoned as the 
> shite
> idea it was.
> I think the problem is that MythTV assumes too much, i.e. a station is 
> available
> and it has a video PID. One of my main reasons for going to Freeview was 
> the BBC
> Radio 7, MythTV is not the best answer to the radio problem. I'm currently
> checking out Showshifter as the support for Radio is far better.
> all the best,
> Rob.
> Quoting Greg <mythtv at kobeyu.co.uk>:
>> Hi,
>> I've more or less got a working MythTV box (subject to testing), running 
>> with
>> a Hauppauge Dec-2000T over USB.
>> I'm in the UK, and on Freeview, there are some channels that don't 
>> broadcast
>> all the time (BBC Three and Four, abc1, CBBC/CBeebies etc.). When they're
>> broadcasting it all works fine, but when they're not and you try and tune 
>> to
>> them with mythfrontend, the frontend times out after trying for 15 
>> seconds
>> and drops back to the menu, without giving you chance to change the 
>> channel.
>> This leaves you stuck on a channel.
>> Is there a way to change the channel without getting any data first?
>> Is there a more elegant solution to this problem?
>> Almost unrelatedly, there are also several Radio channels I could pick up
>> (just an Audio ID, no Video ID), but myth doesn't seem to like not having 
>> any
>> video, so tuning to these channels has much the same effect as above.
>> Am I missing something?
>> I can get verbose outputs later (at work now), but they're mostly along 
>> the
>> lines of "Warning: Got no data from card in 1 second" or "No data for 15
>> seconds, Game Over."
>> Thanks,
>> Greg Manning.
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