[mythtv-users] A filter for mplayer could help encoding MythTV recordings faster

VJ vj at vijaygill.homelinux.net
Fri Oct 8 09:09:24 UTC 2004

   I use mencoder for encoding the mythtv recordings. For it I have my own
scripts to invoke mythtranscode (which writes data to fifo and mencoder
reads it) and mencoder to compress the programs to mpeg (vcd) or avi
(xvid). I need this setup because I remove the commercials manually and
mythtranscode+mencoder setup finally gives me encoded file without any

   But I have seen that if I use mencoder on a file (same .nuv file) it
gives me fps of about 33-40(but then I lose commercial skipping), but
if I go via my present setup, I get fps of about 20-22.

   If only somebody could write a filter for mencoder to skip frames then
mythtranscode will not be needed anymore. e.g. -vop
skip=0-1200,1800-2000 could be added to command line params of mencoder
to skip desired frames and thse can be obtained from cutlist in

    I know I have taken this from transcode application, but I did not
like it because it skipped frames which caused jerkyness in encoded

   I will try looking into the code of filters in mplayer/mencoder thus
week end but I am not that good in coding for multimedia applications.


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