[mythtv-users] Re: Suse 2.6.5 lockup

caps at caps-project.org caps at caps-project.org
Fri Oct 8 08:18:02 UTC 2004

> I'm experiencing lockup problems when I 'Watch TV' (black screen and
> unresponsive keyboard) with the above system, *if* I use the latest
> kernel 2.6.5(108?) update. It took me several hours to work out that
> if I reverted to 2.6.4 using Yast, then all worked as expected. Using
> the 2.6.8 kernel of the day didn't work (I couldn't successfully
> modprobe the dvb-8xx and dst modules and have it function), though
> that's probably because I'm missing something. I thought it could be
> the Nvidia driver, but apparently not - it has the same problem
> without it.
> Has anyone seen anything similar?

Hi Neil,

Yes, I get something similar I think.

I am getting complete system lockups (frozen screen, no response to ssh,
ftp, or anything else) now I upgraded to the 2.6.5 (108) kernel, which
I am sure didn't happen before. I wanted to investigate/debug it
properly before coming to the list with it, but I have not had much
time to do that lately, and the crashes seem to happen hours after
working fine.

AMD 2800 XP
512Mb Crucial Value RAM
2x Seagate SATA 120Gb
Pinnacle PCTV Rave
Suse 9.1
6111 nVidia driver

I also have the infamous "dark screen" problem, which happens
occasionally on my V4L card, and I think the version of the kernal on
the Suse 9.1 install disks didn't have that V4L bug either.

At the weekend, I'll try and revert the kernal as you say and see how it


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