[mythtv-users] Help - reinstalling mythtv FC2_x86_64 from ATrpms fails

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 8 05:17:38 UTC 2004

Jarod Wilson wrote:

> On Oct 7, 2004, at 17:41, Brad Fuller wrote:
>> I need help, and it's probably pretty darn easy but I can't figure it 
>> out.
>>  I've recently built mythtv from source on an AMD64 system and it 
>> worked (after John, Michael and Axel helped me with ivtv)
>>  I deleted all occurances of mythtv to and removed any in the RPM dB 
>> (from before) to start over.
>>  I then yum'd mythtv from the AT stable repos. No problem.
>>  It reported that it downloaded the packages and completed the test 
>> transaction.
>>  yum then installed mythtv 0.16080.rhfc2.at.x86_64 sucessfully.
>>  However, any attempt to run mythtvsetup fails. mythbackend and 
>> mythfrontend fails as well.
>>  when I locate mythtvsetup  it's only found in the yum cache.
>>  What am I doing wrong ?     this is not a test ;-0
>>  If it "installed" successfully, why can't I see mythtvsetup
> There are quite a few components that comprise the entire MythTV 
> experience as packaged by ATrpms. The package "mythtv" is just one of 
> them. Try yum install mythtv-suite, which is a dummy package that 
> pulls in all the other components as dependencies. (The backend, 
> frontend and setup are all independent packages.) 

It might be that mythtv does not pull in all of the basic modules. 
Looking at ATrpms spec of mythtv, the modules are listed, but perhaps it 
really doesn't install them all?

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