[mythtv-users] weird one - channel.pl not working inside myth

mythtv at codepoets.ca mythtv at codepoets.ca
Fri Oct 8 02:06:50 UTC 2004

I just rebuilt my myth box.  I wanted to upgrade to FC2 and myth to .16.  No
problems with the install, but I'm having problems with my IR blaster.  I
havne't got the blaster working in any capacity yet, but I'm really close. 
Here's the problem;  I can run channel.pl <channel number> from the command
line and it changes the channel on my satellite receiver with no problem. 
However, when I try and run it from myth (I set the path + script in
mythsetup), the blaster flashes, tries to change the channel, but nothing
happens.  I try changing the channel by typing it into the mythTV module, the
IR blaster flashes and the tuner doesn't change.  Really weird.

I set up channel.pl to log the channel I'm changing it to, and that works ok. 
It knows which channel I'm trying to change, but still nothing doing.  Anyone
have any ideas?  Is this a weird path thing?  Do I need to set some strange

I had a brainwave.  I tried to set the channel in /etc/rc.local to see what
would happen.  Same thing - when I rebooted, the blaster flashed, the channel
didn't change and it logged the right channel.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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