[mythtv-users] Need some help recovering from a filesystem crash

nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Fri Oct 8 04:21:03 UTC 2004

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately I was unable to recover my root partition from a crash I
had. Luckily tho, all the hardware seems to be ok at the moment.

So, I have reinstalled with FC2 (needed to do this anyway) and I was
able to recover my /video partition so I have all the recordings. I am
hoping the following exists:
1. A source I can reverse lookup the chanid,starttime to get the show
title and subtitle
2. A script already written to ls, lookup, and insert back into the db.

I'm quite sure I am nuts to think that this exists but worth a try

In the likely case there is no script does anyone know how/where I can
do the reverse lookup?  If I can get this info the script I can write...


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