[mythtv-users] New machine, transferring over

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 05:32:25 UTC 2004

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 18:13:17 -0700, Jarod Wilson <jcw at wilsonet.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 October 2004 17:34, Ryan Steffes wrote:
> > I hope this is as easy as it sounds in my head.  I'm waiting on my CPU
> > to arrive from newegg before putting together a dedicated MythTv
> > machine in the living room.  I've already resized the video partition
> > to take up just 150 out of my 200 gigs and I've made a partition for
> > the music I'm going to make it serve.  I left about 15 gigs for system
> > and a small user file space for my wife.  What I'm going to have to do
> > is take the hard drive and the capture card out of my current machine
> > and put them into the new machine.
> >
> > Here's my plan:
> >
> > Install Linux fresh.
> > Install MythTV on the new machine from the source I have running on
> > this machine.
> > Mount the video partition in the same place (/home/video) as it's mounted
> > now Copy the database over
> > Follow the steps to change the hostname
> > Change the settings for the master server in setup
> >
> >
> > It seems like it should be easy.  Anyone spot any glaring stupidity?
> That's pretty much all there is to it. I've done the same thing a few times
> myself.
> As it relates to your gmail account, and those of everyone on this list using
> them... Anyone else get annoyed w/gmail's insistence to insert the sender's
> address as a reply-to along with the list? I don't know about folks using
> their gmail accounts (haven't touched mine in ages), but I don't want two
> copies of replies to everything I send the list... :-)
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Ok, the transfer of the disk seemed to go smoothly.  I didn't quite
follow the directions on changing the hostname, instead I did it mysql
updating hostname in a couple tables ( capturecard, jumppoints,
recorded, settings I think that's it).  Everything SEEMS to be going
good, with one problem: Output is screwy.  It seems every other
horizontal line is a green line.

I had this problem before, and if I remember right it just kinda
magically went away.  Now it's back on the new hardware, and I don't
know what to do to fix it!  I installed nvidia's latest drivers.  I'm
running mythbackend version: 0.16.20040906-1


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