[mythtv-users] UPDATE: New machine, transferring over

Ryan Steffes rbsteffes at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 15:20:08 UTC 2004

Ok moving the mythbackend to a new machine wasn't really any more
difficult than getting it to work the first time.  I only ran into a
couple issues that aren't fully resolved that seemed directly related
to moving machines.

1.  Green lines (Fixed, I think)
     This one seems to be directly related to interlacing.  Setting it
to "Bob" interlacing on playback fixed this.  The problem was that the
picture alternated with flickering green lines which made the picture
unwatchable.  I still don't know the direct cause, but like I said
changing interlacing on playback fixed it.  I have no filters set for
any channel.  I have not done a nuvexport to see if the greenlines
reapper in the mpg.

2. Changing hostname
    This seemed easier to tackle by simply updating the field
"hostname" in a couple tables rather than following the directions in
the documentation.

3.  Forward not forwarding
    Couldn't think of a concise way to describe this.  Haven't tested
fully, but on old recordings it has a weird issue where pressing
either right or left BOTH take you back in time, apparently randomly. 
It's like it loses track of where it is in the show.  Need to do more
testing with logging on the frontend to try and isolate this.  It
doesn't seem to have this problem for new recordings.

4. Commercial Flagging
    It doesn't seem to be skipping commercials on old recordings. 
This could be related to issue 3.

Other than that there were just a few things to remember to do, like
change permissions to the correct user on the new machine and set
mythweb to look at the new database on the new machine.  I'm very
happy with how easily it moved over, although it did remind me how
much effort a completely fresh install can take to set up!

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