[mythtv-users] Will Myth let the HD spin down?

Phil Blundell pb at nexus.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 14:45:22 UTC 2004

If you just need an IDE device to boot off, you could use a CF memory card in a
CF-to-IDE adapter.  I was planning to use one of those for the root filesystem
on my EPIA, but it turned out to be easier to boot with PXE and keep all the
files in a big ramdisk.


on Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 12:49:29AM +0200, Niklas Brunlid wrote:
> On a myth-only system, will MythTV let the HD spin down between  
> recordings/playback? Since my Pundit doesn't support PXE I'm considering  
> moving all I can (right now I'm only thinking about the database and the  
> recordings) to a server, so I'm wondering what else on the box accesses  
> the HD.
> Alternatively, I'll just throw in an old (small) HD that only loads a  
> kernel, mounts everything over NFS (can the kernel itself be on another  
> box, i.e. can I have grub look for the kernel over NFS?), and goes from  
> there. The important thing is that the HD in the Pundit gets to spin down,  
> since it gets bloody hot in there with a 7200rpm HD, a PVR350, a PVR250, a  
> 2.4GHz P4 and a DVD drive... :)

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