[mythtv-users] Changing channel hangs with Nova-T DVB-T

Phil Blundell pb at nexus.co.uk
Wed Oct 6 11:05:03 UTC 2004

Ah, cool.  I was thinking about that this morning as well.

I think it should be possible to detect the "channel not broadcasting"
condition directly, rather than requiring advance knowledge of the hours when
it's on the air.  Once the backend sees tuner lock, the demultiplexed data
should start arriving almost immediately if it's going to.  If nothing has
turned up within a second or two, it's either not broadcasting or the PIDs are
configured wrong.

It might also be interesting to have the backend consult the PMT data from the
broadcast stream to find PID values for channels that don't have them
configured yet.  That'd avoid the need to scan for channels at different times
of day in order to capture them all.


on Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 06:26:36AM +0100, Ciaran wrote:
> I'm hoping to write a patch next week that flags a channel as
> 'broadcasting' between certain hours, so the channel will be skipped/a
> popup displayed if its switched to outside of this time...its
> certainly a pain when you're channel hopping to land on oneo f these
> ;)
> - ciaran

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