[mythtv-users] empty nuv files and "busy" PVR-350 tuner

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Tue Oct 5 13:33:37 UTC 2004

I used to have this problem _all_ the time when i used a via based 
board.. constant weird problems like this..

since then i have moved to an old 667mhz BX based board and it works 
great.. also with the upgrades of IVTV and myth the problem just went away

dont know if thats much help unless you do indeed have a via board..


Andrew Plumb wrote:

>Hi Everyone,
>For the past couple of nights, when I've left my MythTV box on all
>night, it records a few shows, then seems to attempt to record the
>next one, doesn't succeed for some reason and leaves an empty nuv file
>in my /video/store directory.  I can't delete the empty files via the
>front-end; if I try, I have to kill off my X session to restart the
>front-end.  I'm also locked out of the tuner until I reboot the
>machine, so I'm guessing the issue is probably more with the backend
>than the frontend.
>Anyone seen this happen before?  Any symptoms I should be looking for
>in various log files?  The rest of the machine seems to be fine, so
>it's not the previous BIOS problem...  Unless it's a power-save
>feature that's locking things up...
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