[mythtv-users] Dual BT-878 Performance/Configuration Questions..

mark fairlane at springcom.com
Mon Oct 4 22:01:36 EDT 2004

On Monday 04 October 2004 01:54 pm, John P. Mitchell wrote:
> All,
>    I want to get rid of my noisy, power hungry, PC based front ends. I
> would like to replace them with XBoxen since I have proofed the concept
> and it seems to work well enough with the quality of TV I am encoding.
> I would like to fold my dual frontend/backend machines into a single
> backend and use the XBoxen as front ends. Thing is I am not sure if a
> Athlon XP 2000+ (1.667GHz) with 512MB of RAM and a 8MB cache 80 GB IDE
> disk will handle two 640x480 MPEG4 at 2200 streams. Any ideas? Also,
> how will I capture the two audio sources on the sound card? Will I need
> two sound cards for capturing the audio off of the two TV cards?
> Currently each TV card in each backend is using an external 3.5mm loop
> patch cable off of the audio out of the TV card into the line in of the
> sound card. One frontend/backend a Sound Blaster Live and seems to have
> a load of jacks on it. Seems like the one card could handle two audio
> inputs at the same time.
> Regards,
>     John P. Mitchell <john at cepros.com>
>     Email Sticker: My Boss is a Jewish carpenter
>     http://www.GoboLinux.org | User #00010110

Just a data point here:  I have an AMD 2500 running one BT878 software card, 
and recording 480x480 4000 bitrate, and I run about 70-80% cpu usage.  I 
don't see how you could run two BT878 cards on a AMD 2000 without dialing the 
resolution and bitrate back quite a bit.

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