[mythtv-users] Short Blue Screen Before Live TV Starts

Patrick Kirchner patrickkirchner at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 4 16:15:43 EDT 2004


Sorry if this question has been answered already but I
searched the archives and didn't find any posts that
seemed to fit these circumstances.

I was using 0.15.1 without any problems, but after
moving to 0.16 I now have a short blue screen and
silence (two seconds at the most) before live TV kicks
in.  I've also noticed the problem when I playback my
recordings.  With the recordings, I thought it might
have just recorded the blue screen at the begining,
but I see a short blue screen even if I start playing
a recording at a saved location after the beginning.

Everything works fine but the short blue pause is an
annoyance.  If anyone has a suggestion or tip I'd be
most appreciative.  Here are some of my specs:
-Kernel 2.4.7
-ATI TV Wonder Bt878 w/BTAudio
-ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra
-AMD Athlon XP 2000+, 512MB RAM
-Soyo KT333 Dragon Plus w/C-Media CM8738 Sound



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