[mythtv-users] Group advice sought on setup please.

mark at onnow.net mark at onnow.net
Mon Oct 4 11:59:44 EDT 2004

I am sure this is a common question here but please bear with me....
Thank you very much for taking the time on all of this.

After much reading and research, MythTV looks like a great way to go.  However
all of my reading, the best setup remains rather elusive. So, could you please
recommend a hardware/OS setup based on this info:

Initial info:
1) I am in Canada ( TV listings )
2) Output will be to a 32" TV via s-video
3) Standard analog cable input.  I have Bell-Expressvu, but will get rid of that
in exchange for standard cable TV for simplicity.  I was not able to find much
on how to control the Bell 3100 receiver.  Again, I am looking to make this

I am starting from scratch and purchasing hardware just for this, so I am
looking for the easiest, most standard, supported hardware.

Hardware questions:
1) TV card.  I have seen allot on the PVR-350.  They are $250 here.  Is this a
good, fully supported, feature rich card?  Or should I be using a cheaper card?
2) How many TV cards?  Record and watch a different channel would be great.  So
two?  Two 350's?  
3) S-Video.  Should I use the S-Video on the PVR-350?  Or get a graphics card
with TV-OUT too? I want to be able to watch DVD's on this too if that makes a
difference.  Can I watch a DVD on this box using the S-Video out on a PRV-350? 
I have read some that say not.
4) What processor speed do I need?  I want great performance.
5) Motherboard.  Built in sound / video?  Got any experience with a specific
board that works well?  Recommendations?

1) I am a RedHat fan.  However, I will use what ever works best.  KnoppMyth? 
Again, looking for ease of install/use, but still want full featured.  What
RedHat version is most supported?  FC2?  I have also read some howto's on SuSE
9.1.  That would be an easy install if MythTV was happy there too.

Once I am done, I am going to write up a how to and make sure that it is
idiot-proof and includes an easy working method including hardware etc......  
This product is looking great so I would like to promote it's use with a how-to.

Thank you again.


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