[mythtv-users] lost mpeg4/xvid/etc playback on PVR (0.16)

Oliver Gorwits oliver.gorwits at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Oct 4 08:34:32 EDT 2004


I recently upgraded to 0.16 (for improved DVB support). Since then I've
not been able to playback transcoded videos (e.g. mpeg4 rather than
mpeg2) through my PVR-350.

I get the following log message from mythfrontend:
   "Not compiled with any useable video output method"

Before, I was quite happily playing them back (although I confess to
having no idea how this was working - I thought the PVR couldn't do
mpeg4 within mythfrontend).

I only issued a regular Gentoo emerge to upgrade, so I'm thinking this
could either be a Gentoo or Myth library linking problem, or some bug in
the ivtvdecoder code, introduced between the versions.

All help gratefully received.

Oliver Gorwits, Network Infrastructure Group
Oxford University Computing Services

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