[mythtv-users] Help w/PVR-350 TV-Out - FC2 - MythTV 0.16

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Oct 3 12:22:27 EDT 2004

On 10/02/2004 06:04 PM, Renwick Robinson wrote:

> I have not been able to get TV-Out to work with my current setup.  I 
> have followed Jarod's guide to the letter, but to no avail.
> All of the tests and configurations seem to work correctly and I can 
> record and in fact playback recording using MythTV, but no TV-Out!!
> When I try to run "Watch TV' from MythFrontend, I get black screens on 
> both TV and Monitor.  It also kills the backend.  Here is the output 
> from the window running the:
> [mythtv at reactor mythtv]$ mythfrontend > qwe.qwe
> Error loading image file: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/default/NOTHING.png
> Errm, event socket just closed.
> Remote encoder not responding.

You are using the ivtvdev X driver, correct?  If so, then please post 
the ivtv init section.  You can obtain this from your log file (assuming 
/var/log/messages) with:

tac /var/log/messages |
sed -n '/=  END INIT IVTV  =/,/= START INIT IVTV =/p;
         /= START INIT IVTV =/q' |


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