[mythtv-users] ivtvdev, atrpms 47_pre2_ck100zz feedback, X on PVR-350 TV-Out

Michael Fenston fenston-myth at san.rr.com
Sun Oct 3 00:08:28 EDT 2004

Hi ...

So I've made some decent progress today on the mythtv box ... I found the setting to enable the PVR-350 (w/ type 47 tuner) TV-Out to do hardware decoding buried in the mythfrontend setup menus (under playback) and I can change channels now with the grey Hauppauge remote for live TV.  I got audio from the PVR-350 RCA jacks once I enabled this setting (as expected).

I still need to get X running on the PVR-350 TV-Out so I can move this box to my living room (and get it connected to the big TV) and out of my office.  I just have a little TV in my office room for debugging this so I can see the mythtv setup and frontend menus on my monitor.  So here are some more questions (and thank you for all the help thus far)

1) It appears ivtvdev is not part of the stuff I got from atrpms (got an error about not finding it in the Xorg.log while following Jarod's guide for the PVR-350 TV-Out) ... where can I get this and what is the version I should be using?  I figure this would need to co-exist with ck100zz somehow?  Or are the two things not really related?  This question in reference to:

Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Hauppauge PVR 350 iTVC15 Framebuffer"
        Driver      "ivtvdev"
        #Driver      "fbdev"

        ### change fb0 to whatever your card grabbed
        Option      "fbdev" "/dev/fb0"

        ### change the BusID to whatever is reported by lspci, specify it as hex.
        BusID "0:0x09:0"

2) Is it possible to adjust the TV-Out display in general such that all the overlay text stuff can be seen?  I noticed some of the text was hidden in the corners on my test tv.  SageTV had a nice feature that allowed the user to adjust the size of the 350 output with the remote control ... like a normal monitor (shrink/expand horizontal or vertical ... move left/right/top/bottom) ... too bad the core function was crashing all the time ... good thing they gave an eval period!

3) Is is possible to merge my original xorg.conf and xorg350.conf files together so I can see the same output on both at the same time?  My test TV is a little blurry so I would like to be able to continue debug with the monitor for awhile.  My plan is to really test this well before putting it out in the living room (again).  Ticked the wife off the first time around!  That is my advice to all after my SageTV experience.  Use the TIVO (or VCRs) until you have all the quirks worked out of whatever PC based PVR you eventually decide on! :)


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