[mythtv-users] mythburn: automagic DVD burning becoming part of Myth soon?

Dennis Lou dlou99 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 2 21:05:38 EDT 2004

From: mark <fairlane at springcom.com>
>So is programming in C++ so difficult that 
>nobody besides the developers
>can program a DVD burning module for Myth?  

DVD burning currently requires a half a dozen
other programs to work.  I personally have been
resistant to write something because of this.
However, someone over in the ffmpeg camp has
gotten PCI/DSI packets working, which is 
what was missing to get their mpeg2 encoder
working with dvdauthor.  That would really
help in cutting down on the number of
external programs.  Once it gets committed
into libavcodec/libavformat, I might have a go
at it if I can get some time at it.


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