[mythtv-users] Use digital or analog from DVD drive with MythDVD?

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Sat Oct 2 03:25:11 EDT 2004

AFAIK, The audio-out on CD/DVD drives are only for playing back CD audio
using the drives built-in CD audio functionallity. 

It is not used at all for DVD audio, rather, the disc is treated just
like a data CD. The data (an MPEG2(VOB) file) is read off the disk and
processed by the software (eg. mplayer) which sends the audio straight
to the sound card device digitally. The CD audio connector is not used.

Furthermore, even a lot of CD player programs these days dont use the CD
audio functions of the CDROM drive, instead they retrieving the data
through DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) and then send it to the sound
card device.

In other words, I doubt you will need a connector cable at all, I dont
have one for my DVD drive.


On Sat, 2004-10-02 at 05:28, Vinton Coffman wrote:
> Will mythdvd with native alsa support play and rip using the digital 
> out on my NEC ND-2510A DVD +/-RW drive?
> If it can use the digital out from the DVD:
> I just bought it as OEM (bare drive) and can't find any specs for the 
> digital out either.  I have a shuttle mn31n mobo with an asus spdif 
> coax in/out adapter card, should the digital out from the dvd drive 
> plug into the adapter card's coax input or directly into the mobo's 
> spdif input?  I'm not sure if the adapter does any voltage level 
> shifting or just provides more output drive for longer distances.
> Still no digital sound out from mythmusic.  Anybody have any 
> suggestions for that?
> Thanks,
> Vinton
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