[mythtv-users] Frontend crashing on Gentoo after 15.1->16 upgrade

Kevin Barsby kevin.barsby at hummingbird-it.com
Sat Nov 27 04:47:34 UTC 2004

> Everything seems ok apart from watching TV and recordings crashes the
> frontend (and occasionally the system).

I got a reply (thanks Tommy) stating that I should upgrade to CVS, this
is also suggested in the list archives too.

As I'd rather not be living on the bleeding edge, does anyone know which
patch is likely to fix this problem, I could then add it into the
ebuild, and submit it to the gentoo developers to include? I think bug
#103 looked like the most likely cause, but I'm not sure that's been
fixed yet.

Otherwise, I think I'll attempt to downgrade to 15.1 as it actually
worked, and was pretty stable.


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