[mythtv-users] Mythmusic on Xbox with SPDIF ?

Stefan Manteuffel linux at sm-recycling.de
Tue Nov 23 09:08:19 UTC 2004

Hello List,

im looking for a way to play my mp3's on an Xbox over the SPDIf Plug.

Mythtv, Mythvideo und MythDVD works very fine but i fond no way for Mythmusic.

I Read "I don't believe MythMusic has ALSA support. I use the OSS emulation of
ALSA and reroute all PCM data to the SPDIF connector as you probably saw
on mythtv.info "

But how can i do that ? I have not found it there. 

OSS Emulation is enabled and i build Myth from CVS with Alsa enabled.

I took the .asound from mythtv.info.

What is the Trick and sorry for my poor english.


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