[mythtv-users] Advice Please!

Neil Davidson lists at backslash.co.uk
Sun Nov 21 11:32:44 UTC 2004

I can answer some of your questions:

>Are there any DVB-T cards with CI/CAM slots? (failing that is there
>anyone who's got TopupTv working under Linux?)

Most of the DVB-T cards out there are budget cards, you will need a premium
card to get CAM support. Have a look at the TehnoTrend Premium T
(http://www.technotrend.de/english/products/pcproducts2-2.html). However, I
don't know if the Linux drivers support them but you do get USB CAM readers.

>What DVB-T cards would you recommend?

If you go for a premium card you are quite limited...

>Can you get a Widescreen Pal signal out of any Video cards?

There is no difference between a wide screen and standard aspect ratio
picture as far as the output device is concerned, it is the same number of
lines high and pixels wide. The only difference is that the broadcaster has
shrunk the wide picture to fit a standard frame and then your wide screen TV
then stretched it back out to full width.

>Is there support for saving and playback of Widescreen streams?

See above, no different to standard

>Do you need two CAMs for two DVB-T cards?

if they are built in CAM's then I would say yes. If USB CAM's are
supported.....I have no idea :)

>If you record an encrypted stream, do you need a CAM for playback? Or do
>only need the CAM to record the stream?

No idea. I don't know if the encryption would be embedded in the Transport
Stream or the MPEG-2 stream. If it is in the MPEG-2 stream then yes I would
think so.

>If there are no DVB-T cards with CI/CAM slots, are there any that can be
>modified to provide a slot?

see above

hope this was of use to you :)

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